Thank You for Coming to See “Another Mulligan”!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I did a blog post. I’ve been busy! First off, I’d like to thank everyone who came to see Another Mulligan. We did the show for IndyFringe during a 10-day period in late August. I think we were all pretty exhausted after doing the show. I took the month of September to recover and start a new writing project, which I’ll share about later in this post. Secondly, Thanks to the wonderful cast and crew – you all are AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who made the trek downtown (and those who couldn’t make it, and those who made the trek during the one night it was canceled due to a storm). Here’s some stats regarding the play:

  • We raised $3,550 for the Grace Care Center! The Grace Care Center takes care of people in need in Hamilton County by providing a free food pantry, ESL classes, financial guidance, car assistance and so much more. I can’t say enough about how much good this organization is doing for the community – and, they’re expanding to be much larger very soon. So, I’m happy to be able to donate this money to a good cause.
  • We sold out all but one show. How cool is that?
  • One show was canceled due to a power outage. While that was a bummer, we did get to hang out with some folks who came down for the show. We looked at doing a makeup date, but couldn’t make it work with all the cast/crew. For those that missed it, I have put the show up on YouTube. More on that later in this post.
  • We received great reviews and feedback from the show. IndyFringe is mostly an adults-only event, as a lot of the shows are pretty racy in places. Ours was one of the few that kids could come to and enjoy. IndyFringe gave us a great review and said they look forward to us coming back next year!
  • We were the top selling show in our venue (The Firehouse Theater). We’re going to try to get a larger venue next year.
  • We were the 8th best-selling show overall, out of over 70 shows. Wow!
Image may contain: 13 people, including Becca Bartley, Tim Moore, Steve Drye, Nikki Lynch, Lloyd Work, Kate Carpenter, Rick Drumm, Lauren Boughner and Dixie Oberlin, people smiling, people standing
The cast of Another Mulligan. Bottom row: Becca Bartley (Director), Steve Drye (Dave), Molly Mohr (Susan), Nikki Lynch (Denise), Lloyd Work (Co-Writer), Rick Drumm (Co-Writer), Lauren Boughner (Kaylee). Top row: Tim Moore (Joe), Josh Gibson (Troy), Greg Showalter (Jim), Kate Carpenter (Cassie), David Nidifer (Chuck), Lori Lavelle (Gabby), Dixie Oberlin (Sally)

Watch “Another Mulligan” Online!

Zach Rosing from Zach Rosing Productions did a fantastic job recording the show! The cast received copies of DVDs. If you’d like one, please PM me. Instead of paying me, I’d ask you to give a small donation to the Grace Care Center in the form of money or non-perishable items.

When I first received the DVDs, I tried to upload the recording to YouTube and quickly found out that there were copyright issues with some of our transition music (which was hilarious, by the way). So, the version that I wound up with on YouTube is a cut-down version without the musical interludes. Also, I’m by no means a person who does professional videos, so what you will see on YouTube is pretty much the raw footage all spliced together with no fancy intro or credits.

You can view the entire production on YouTube here: Feel free to watch it and share it! And, let me know what you think of the show 🙂

Also – someone forgot to bring the programs opening night. That person would be me. Duh. For those interested, I’ve uploaded the program here and the bios for cast members here.

What’s Next?

I’m excited to announce my next play, entitled 12 Days.

Jennifer Hatfield-McCoy has reluctantly agreed to host Christmas dinner for her family and her in-law’s family under one condition: everyone must leave after 3 hours. It’s not that she doesn’t love her family or her in-laws; it’s just that they pose a direct threat to her sanity and sobriety. They say families are like fudge; mostly sweet with some nuts. What starts out as a sweet gesture turns into a nutty adventure when the storm of the century takes a southern turn, leaving these two families that have been feuding for eons stuck together for 12 days with no electricity, no electronics, and nowhere to hide.

Sounds like your worst nightmare, right? Well if laughter is the best medicine, I look forward to providing some healing for you in time for next Christmas!

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